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Chicken Long Rice

Sometimes called thread or bean noodles, they are boiled and served hot with pieces of chicken. You may also want to try this over a little white rice, with soy sauce. Another popular dish at all Hawaii luaus.
Yield: 4 servings


  Chicken thighs, 2 lbs
  Round Onions, 1 each
  Long Rice (bean thread), 1 pkg
  Chicken Base, 2 tbsp
  Ginger, crushed, 2 tbsp
  Garlic Powder, 1 tsp
  Ground Ginger, 1 tsp
  Water, to cover chicken


In a pot, parboil chicken until soft; save broth for later use; run chicken under cold water and shred into large container.
In another large container or mixing bowl, soak long rice in hot water until soft; drain water and cut long rice (with a scissors).
Add water, chicken base, ginger, onions and seasonings to shredded chicken; Bring to a boil.
Add Long rice and simmer until soft.
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