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The Laie Tour

      BYU-Hawaii and the Laie Hawaii Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are located close to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Both the university and the temple are included in the Center's optional free Laie Tram Tour.  The escorted tours leave the Center every 20 minutes between 3:00 - 6:40 p.m.  The tour lasts 35 minutes.


      The tour stops at the Laie Hawaii Temple Visitors’ Center where everyone is welcome to stroll the beautiful grounds and go inside the Visitors’ Center.  The serene and beautiful Visitors Center features a ten-foot marble replica of Thorvaldsen's famous Christus sculpture as well as special displays and exhibits explaining the basic beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


      The Laie Hawaii Temple was the first built by the LDS Church outside of the continental United States. It was dedicated in 1919 to serve members from throughout the Pacific islands and Asia. Over the ensuing years Laie became a gathering place for many Polynesian Latter-day Saints.


      As the tour proceeds, the escort will recount the unique history of Laie. For example, the people of Laie and the unique cultures they represent have been entertaining visitors since their first commercial hukilau — a traditional fishing festival and luau — almost 60 years ago. You will also drive through the BYU-Hawaii campus, where students from more than 70 countries provide the majority of PCC employees and add to the cultural diversity of the community.


      More information about the Laie Hawaii Temple and other LDS temples around the world is available online.