Te Manahua 2013

Seamus Fitzgerald [pictured at right], PCC’s Aotearoa Village manager and Maori cultural specialist, has announced the Polynesian Cultural Center’s whakataetae kapa haka or traditional Maori song and dance competition:

Te Manahua

August 30-31, 2013

“We’ve scheduled our next Te Manahua festival for the two days prior to the beginning of the PCC’s weeklong golden anniversary celebration from September 1-8, 2013, so our alumni and guests can take advantage of both events,” he said.

Additional details for Te Manahua 2013 will be posted on this site as soon as plans are made firm. However, the format over the past several events includes:

Following a year’s hiatus in 2011, the Polynesian Cultural Center brought back its Te Manahua Maori kapa haka or traditional performing arts competition with even more excitement and style.

The event, which ran from August 2-4, 2012, added a new concert feature and included the Haka Hard!, Poi E and senior kapa haka competition, with several Maori groups coming from New Zealand. . . but in the end, as they did in 2010, Te Kohau Hawaiiki — a Laie-based group, won the overall championship:


This year, as it will in the future, the PCC live-streamed all of Te Manahua 2012 through a link on our Internet page — www.polynesia.com — for the enjoyment of fans from throughout the world.

“In 2012 we ended up moving our Haka Hard! competition into the new Gateway venue, because our village is too small to hold everyone and, for the first time, the next night we added a concert,” Fitzgerald continued. “We were really privileged to have Maisey Rika and Ria Hall — two of New Zealand’s top female vocalists and award-winning artists who added a lot to Te Manahua. We hope to have a similar concert in 2013.”

“In 2013 we know Nephi Prime is bringing the Ngati Hiona group from Utah, and surviving members of Te Aroha Nui who helped open the Polynesian Cultural Center in 1963 are also coming: It’s going to be great having them, and I know a lot of their children and grandchildren are coming with them. We’ve also got groups from Australia who have expressed interest in coming to Te Manahua 2013, and then they’ll stay for our Golden Anniversary celebration.”

“Aside from those with alumni ties, we have a group from Canada that has never been here before and want to be a part of the festivities; and Ngati Ranana from London, England, also plans to return to Te Manahua,” Fitzgerald said.

“As usual, a panel of judges from New Zealand — all recognized Maori cultural artists — will evaluate the groups that are competing, although we usually have one or more who appear in exhibition only. Whether competing or sharing their love of Maoritanga in performance, however, you won’t want to miss the Polynesian Cultural Center’s 2013 Te Manahua festival.”

The schedule for the 2013 event in conjunction with the Polynesian Cultural Center’s 50th anniversary will be posted on this site as soon as it’s available.

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Starting in 2012, live-streaming video of Te Manahua is available through a link on home page.