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Must See Sights on Oahu

When visiting Oahu, there are a lot of tours and activities you can enjoy.  There are also a lot of places to visit and things to see in Oahu that you cannot find elsewhere.  Oahu attractions are unique and worth the trip to Hawaii by themselves, but their value is only enhanced by all of the surrounding activities of Oahu.

The best museums of Hawaii are in Oahu.  These places truly represent the finest in exploring the history, culture and people of Hawaii.  The Iolani Palace is located in the Capital District of Honolulu.  Iolani Palace is the only royal palace on US soil today.  The Bishop Museum shows why the ancient Hawaiians were considered the best seafaring people of the time.  Visit the Hawaii Maritime Center, and see how the people of Hawaii continue the excellent seafaring tradition of their ancestors.

Take the time to visit Pearl Harbor while in Oahu and stop by the Arizona Memorial.  Here you will learn more about the surprise attack on the naval base, and Hawaii’s role in World War II.  You can also take a tour of the USS Bowfin Submarine and explore the importance and perils of early submarine warfare.  The USS Missouri is open for tours as well, which is the battleship on which the US and Japan signed the treaty to end WWII.

While in Oahu, you can take a stroll along the paths of Queen Emma’s Summer Palace and Washington Place.  Not too far from there, visit Hawaii Plantation Village.  Here you can catch a glimpse of the life of early immigrants and the sugar cane plantations of Hawaii.

Aside from the rich history of Hawaii, Oahu can provide you with an experience unlike any other when you take the time to enjoy the pleasures of one of its many beaches.  Waikiki and North Shore are two of the most notable beaches in the world, and they are right here on Oahu.  Take the time in the Leeward and Central Oahu to explore one of the world’s largest mazes at the Dole Plantation.  This is the same region you will find Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park as well as the lagoons and golf courses of Ko Olina.

Hawaii is much more than a series of fantasy islands that make for a great backdrop in film and television.  Come to Oahu and experience all Hawaii has to offer.  From historic and royal traditions to the welcoming culture of today, Oahu is sure to offer up more than enough to please everybody.