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> > Performing at the Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center does allow outside groups to perform at the Polynesian Cultural Center, as long as  the group purchases a ticket and abides by certain guidelines listed below. If you feel your group is interested in performing at the Center, please review the following information below and contact our on-site coordinator Aliimau Toelupe.

Talagu AhHoy
On-site Coordinator

E-mail:  ahhoyt@polynesia.com
Phone:  808-293-3043

Performance Arrangements

Thank you for your interest in performing at the Polynesian Cultural Center. In assessing the feasibility of your performance, the following information will help both the Polynesian Cultural Center and your group ensures that performing at the Center will be beneficial for both parties.

Please PROVIDE the following information for us to review:

  1. A résumé or biographical sketch.  It should include the group name, city, and state, country, and a brief write-up about the type of performance you wish to have.
  2. The dates you are planning to perform.
  3. The Polynesian Cultural Center package you have or are planning to purchase. This will help us determine the best time for your group to perform without conflict with your package inclusions.
  4. Your group’s PCC order number. Your group must hold a confirmed ticket reservation with the Polynesian Cultural Center prior to finalizing the performance.
  5. Types of costuming and repertoire. Please note that costumes must not be too revealing.
  6. A Hawai'i contact telephone number.
  7. Any other information for consideration of your group’s performance.

Please NOTE the following:

  • Recommended performance times are 1:00pm-2:00pm or 3:30pm-4:30pm. Please note that we cannot in any way guarantee an audience for your group.
  • Performances should be within a 30 minute time frame.
  • Three microphones and microphone stands are provided if needed with advanced request at no additional cost. Any further needs will incur additional costs.
  • Groups are responsible to provide their own props, instruments, additional lighting, etc.
  • Chairs are available for your performance, but your group is responsible for setup, arrangement, and breakdown.
  • Please remember that previous contracts from other groups may exist for your first choice of dates to perform, but be assured that the Polynesian Cultural Center will do everything possible to accommodate your highest priority dates.
  • Please remember that your performance is subject to weather and other conditions not under our control. PCC may cancel your group’s performance at any time with or without cause.
  • Whether or not you will have band instruments, staging needs, sound needs, other presentation needs. Please note that WE DO NOT HAVE ANY STORAGE AREAS for your group to use whatsoever. Please plan to provide these services on your own well in advance.
  • Performances are held at our main entrance courtyard. The only available changing rooms are the restrooms at the main entrance.
  • Your group’s performance at the Polynesian Cultural Center is completely voluntary. There is no actual or assumed compensation for your group due to or as a result of this performance.

If your group would like to perform at the Polynesian Cultural Center please contact our on-site group coordinator Aliimau Toelupe.  Mahalo for your interest in Performing at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

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