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International Student Scholarship Program


      Over 700 BYU-Hawaii students currently work at the Center, and more than two-thirds of these participate in the joint PCC/BYU-Hawaii International Work Opportunity Returnability Kuleana program (I-WORK), which is fully funded by the PCC. These funds are derived from ticket and other revenues generated at the Center, which is why we thank all visitors for their kokua or help.

      Under the terms of this unique program, officials from both the Center and the University meet with prospective international students and their parents in their respective home countries and interview them as to their willingness to participate. For example, I-WORK students must agree to:

      • Enroll full-time at BYU-Hawaii.
      • Work for 19 hours/week at the PCC during regular school terms and full time during summer and other school breaks.
      • Observe all University rules and regulations.
      • Live in campus housing.
      • Not own a car.
      • Return home after graduating.

      In addition, each candidate's family must agree to provide 5% of the student's expenses.

      By participating faithfully in the program, I-WORK students can graduate debt-free. Many do so each year. If you feel that you would like to contribute to this program, please click here for more information