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Things to do in Oahu

Looking for things to do in Oahu?  You don’t have to look very far.  Oahu is an island spanning approximately 596 square miles with a shoreline of about 120 linear miles.  From surf and sand to waterfalls and volcanic ranges to a vibrant and colorful city life, Oahu offers you a bit of everything wrapped in with a bow.  Take a stroll on any one of the white sandy beaches of Oahu or go one step further and enjoy a catamaran tour, parasailing, surfing, SCUBA diving, or any variety of maritime pleasures.  The clear blue waters of the Pacific are calling you and it is never easier to heed that call than when you are in Oahu.

Come to the beaches in the evening for a traditional Hawaiian luau.  Enjoy the delicate spices of a pig roast while cheering at the flame dancers.  While doing all this, you will also have a chance to experience that famous Hawaiian hospitality.  Looking for an escape from the sand and the water?  Head on over to the city. Honolulu is home to the only palace on US soil, Iolani Palace.  You can also take the time to go through Honolulu’s museums and catch a glimpse of the wonderful historic and cultural influences of Hawaii and the Pacific.  Stay in the city for the nighttime when the clubs fly into full swing, when you can taste some of the finest local and ethnic cuisine and see partake in a variety of events designed to showcase the art and culture of Hawaii.

When you’re looking for things to do in Oahu, the ocean, beaches, and Honolulu may be first on your mind, but don’t forget about the unique landscape and natural formations on the island itself.  Oahu brings to you two dormant volcanic ranges, Waianae and Koolau.  Take a hike or guided tour through the lush green foliage and catch a glimpse of Hawaii’s natural wildlife.  Enjoy the refreshing springs and waterfalls of Oahu.  Or, take in the island from atop one of the ranges.  If that’s not high enough a view for you, you can always take an air tour, viewing Oahu from a plane or helicopter.  With all these great things to do in Oahu, the hardest thing to do will be deciding what to do first.