Meke, the Traditional Fijiian Dance


When I first saw a Fijian dance at the Polynesian Cultural Center, I thought I would fall asleep. But each time I saw their performance, my appreciation grew for their songs, derua, and dances. I also grew to love the Fijian people. They are so giving, friendly, and take much pride in their culture.


Tuesday, Sept.10, 201350th anniversary of Polynesian Cultural Center at Laie, Hawaii. Fiji dancers perform in Golden Alumni Show.

Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013 50th anniversary of Polynesian Cultural Center at Laie, Hawaii. Fiji dancers perform in Golden Alumni Show.



Meke is the traditional style of dance, which is a combination of dance and story-telling through song. Both men and women perform in the meke, and the dance is viewed as a group collaboration in which men are expected to demonstrate strong, virile movements, while women are expected to be graceful and feminine.



There are several versions of the meke, such as the war dance, the men’s spear dance, the men’s or women’s fan dance and the sitting dance.

The dancing and chanting are accompanied by rhythmic clapping and beating of the lali, a traditional Fijian drum.




 Watch how the meke is expressed at the Polynesian Cultural Center.









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PCC blogger, Bobby Akoi.  Originally from Keaukaha on the Big Island of Hawai’I,  his path took an unexpected turn to the little town of La’ie as student at Church College of Hawai’i.  Never in his wildest dreams did he think he’d be working at the #1 paid tourist attraction in the State of Hawaii.   Today he is the Director of Protocol & Community Relations for the Polynesian Cultural Center.  He is married to Hiromi and has 4 children.












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  1. Rekha J Maharaj says:

    Looking for a fijian dance for me son brithday party

    • Nina Jones says:

      This will be a fun experience. We do not have connections for dance troops. Of course it all depends on where you live. I suggest you look up “Polynesian” and “dance troupe”. Best of luck!

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