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Atchara – Pickled Green Papaya

Enjoy this spicy Green Papaya Salad from our neighbors in the Philippines that is becoming popular throughout the islands. This recipe was shared by Kezia Mendoza. Many thanks. It's been fun learning how to make this dish - I love it so much, I keep a bottle in my...


The Polynesian Cultural Center leads the way in uncertain times

During this unplanned break, the Polynesian Cultural Center is not sitting back and letting opportunities pass us by. While following the very important social distancing standards established by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), we are addressing projects that have had to be placed on hold in the past. We are preparing for bigger and better services to you, our ohana.

2019 Polynesian football players honored

As we celebrate the accomplishments of the inductees, we are quickly reminded by what guiding principles allowed them to make it thus far. Culture, family and a deep connection and appreciation to one’s roots have helped the inductees make a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of all those who know them. It is their families, communities and cultures that are honored along with these men. PFHOF is a way to honor the past and draw strength from it. It’s a way to say we are making our mark on history. Our culture makes us the people and players we are! Our culture and our very being are inseparable.

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