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Islands of Hawaii


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Our 20 minute presentation reviews the history of Hawaiian music and dance through the grace and talent of our villagers. Learn how the hula progressed from a chant with pictorial dance movements to a beautiful story backed by melodic music, as well as how the ukulele became the an integral part of our distinctive island music



It’s time to tell stories with your hands. In the Hawaiian village you’ll not only learn some basic hula movements, but also discover the deeper commitment hula students make to their art, the intricacies of the motions, and the heritage of the hula implements and instruments.



Gain insights into the ancient kapu, or taboo system, that meant men and women ate in separate houses. Learn how taro is harvested, cooked, and turned into the staple food, poi. Of course, you are also welcome to sample some. Explore the ingenuity of the ancient Ahupua’a land division system. Be intrigued by Hawaiian fish farming. Observe how women craft leaves into beautiful and useful items.


The Hawaiian Village:

The village depicts the time before western contact in 1778.

Historically, all land belonged to the gods. As stewards of the land people were required to malama aina, which means take care of the land.  In return the land will take care of the people. We invite you to explore the village and learn how ancient Hawaiian practices kept the ecosystem in balance while at the same time maintained a self-sufficient society on the most isolated chain of islands in the middle of the largest ocean on earth.

As you explore our Hale, our word for houses, which were built and used for separate purposes, you will see examples of an eating hale, a sleeping hale and a working hale. Learn to play ancient Hawaiian games, taste freshly prepared poi, try a hula lesson, discover the art of lauhala weaving and enjoy all the beauty of Hawai’i.