We are the Polynesian Cultural Center. Opened in 1963, we were literally built by the hands of dedicated islanders from across Polynesia who dreamed of a place to honor their culture and beliefs.

Since then, we have grown to be the most popular paid attraction in Hawaii. No small accomplishment for any enterprise, but what makes us different is that we are a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization, with a focus on the preservation of our rich Polynesian cultures and the advancement of indigenous communities throughout the Pacific.

80% of our workforce consists of student employees from BYU-Hawaii, with the majority coming from the islands of Polynesia and throughout the Pacific rim. Through the Polynesian Cultural Center, they are able to gain vital work experience and receive financial assistance for their educational expenses.

Our student employees are provided the tools to dig deeper into their cultural heritage. Here they can learn how to best honor their ancestors and how to work together towards larger goals.

The Polynesian Cultural Center supports these students in obtaining skills for today, and in returning to their homeland with the ability and knowledge to become an active partner in preserving and sustaining their unique culture.

Your donation will make an immediate impact on their educational goals, and will help them to bring vital knowledge and skills back to their communities.

100% of your donation will go directly towards tuition, housing, books, food and other educational expenses. Neither the Polynesian Cultural Center nor BYU-Hawai’i charge administration fees for the management of donations.

Through your generous donation you can also help these students to reach for the stars, just like their wayfaring ancestors of old, to find their paths to a bright and productive future.



As an identified charitable organization, the Polynesian Cultural Center is one of Hawaii's greatest supporters of education. They have enabled the pursuit of higher education for more than 30,000 students from throughout the Pacific Rim. This allows them to receive valuable educational and work experience that they would not otherwise be able to afford. A large majority of our international graduates return home to improve the sustainability of island communities and ultimately the future of their countries.



  • Why has the Polynesian Cultural Center received a 501(c)(3) charitable status?

    The Polynesian Cultural Center is a 501(c)(3) because we are supporting students from approximately 70 nations, many of which come from disparate and low economic situations, by providing them with the opportunity to gain a college-level degree. Through our I-Work program, which is a cooperative effort between BYU-Hawai’i and the Polynesian Cultural Center, eligible students are provided with a steady wage, training and education, and generous financial backing.

    Following graduation, students are encouraged to return to their country, where they contribute to the economy and help to bless and support their local industry and government as citizens who know and love their culture and who can elevate their work environment.

  • Does the LDS Church receive the proceeds from the tickets they sell?

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not receive any proceeds from sales or donations to the Polynesian Cultural Center.

  • Who are the administrators of the Polynesian Cultural Center?

    Imagine an organization dedicated to portraying the best of ancient cultures in a modern environment. Add in executive leadership who must thoroughly understand both sides of that equation, and you begin to define the Polynesian Cultural Center’s seven-person President’s Council. We are proud to introduce our amazing administrative team, who we feel characterizes not only the top of the industry, but men and women who truly love and value the Polynesian cultures we represent: P. Alfred Grace, President/CEO; Jarod Hester, COO/CFO; Tai Vuniwai, VP-Human Resources; Fifita Unga, VP-Food & Beverage; Eric Workman, CMO of Sales & Marketing; Delsa Moe VP of Cultural Presentations; Jerome Uluave, VP of Facilities Management.

    To learn more, go to: President's Council at the Polynesian Cultural Center

  • How are our student workers compensated for working at the Polynesian Cultural Center?

    Our dedication to our student employees is our #1 priority. They comprise over 80% of the staff of the Polynesian Cultural Center. All students are paid a standard wage consistent with Hawaii and US standards. For many, this is their first experience in obtaining and holding down a paid position. But their experience extends far beyond their paycheck. The Polynesian Cultural Center also operates like an open classroom, providing the experience to meet guests from all over the world, to plan and initiate new programs, and to live the concepts and practices of their culture. We work hard to not only help them today, but set them up for success in the future. One of the most common comments we receive from our guests is how impressed and touched they are meeting these young adults.

  • How can I help?

    By coming to the Polynesian Cultural Center, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped students from across the Pacific Rim to receive gainful employment during their education, obtain a recognized degree that can assist them in providing for their families and have given them the opportunity to improve the sustainability of their community and culture.

    Want to do more? You can feel confident in knowing that 100% of your direct donation will go to student worker scholarships. No operating costs, no overheads, no administrative fee – all students.