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The Top Online Booking Benefits

      You will enjoy several benefits by directly booking Polynesian Cultural Center tickets online:

      1. Get the best ticket prices for the Polynesian Cultural Center guaranteed .

      What does this mean to you? You can rest assured that the price you pay us is the absolutely best price for the tickets you are buying. We are so confident with this promise that if you find a better rate, we'll match it and give you another 5%. For more details on this best price guarantee, click here.

      2. Exclusive to buying with us, your online booking with PCC confirms the BEST AVAILABLE RESERVED SEATS for the Ha Breath of Life night show in our 2,800-seat Pacific Theater at the time you submit your transaction.

      What does this mean to you? You can tap into and immediately secure the best available seats in your ticket seating category (for example, Super Ambassador, Ambassador, Alii Luau packages) when you click "Submit to buy now.” No other company that sells tickets to the Polynesian Cultural Center can offer you this guarantee. Please take note: our best seats sell out quickly -- sometimes weeks in advance. If you wait until you arrive on Oahu to book your tickets, the package you prefer may be sold out or you may not get your first- or even second-preference evening show seats. All Pacific Theater seats have good, unobstructed views of the stage, but reserve now to get as close to stage center as possible.

      3.  Exclusive to booking directly online with PCC, you can sample the angle of view of the stage from the seats you want to book. You are also given the exact seat number when booking directly online with PCC.

      What does this mean to you? For example, Super Ambassador Package tickets include front-row seats for the Hā: Breath of Life evening show -- almost like having a seat on stage. The Alii Luau Package includes preferred seating in the lower central section of the Pacific Theater. In other words, before you even buy the package and evening show seat you want, you can see the view you will enjoy of the stage. When you submit your order to PCC, we assign your seats immediately, and reserve the actual seat section, row, and number with a confirmation code.

      4. You won’t have to spend any of your precious vacation time trying to book tickets to the Polynesian Cultural Center.

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      5. You can make changes to your reservations without penalties up until the day before you visit the Polynesian Cultural Center when you book directly online with us.

      What does this mean to you? All sales are not final. You are more than welcome to call/fax/email any changes to us up until the day prior to your scheduled visit with to the Polynesian Cultural Center (please see our refund/exchange policy).

      6. We accept all major credit cards.

      What does this mean to you? By all means, please use your credit card to buy Polynesian Cultural Center tickets directly online. PCC places no restrictions or surcharges on the use of major credit cards.

      7. Your direct online transaction with PCC is completely secure.

      What does this mean to you? The Polynesian Cultural Center guarantees the security of its online bookings through the internationally recognized safety of Verisign™ encryption and protocols. Your credit card numbers and other personal information is complete secure.

      8. You will automatically receive a free subscription to our Polynesian Cultural Center e-newsletter, which includes special offers and discounts.

      What does this mean to you? The Polynesian Cultural Center’s new e-newsletter is one of the loyalty membership perks you enjoy when you buy directly online from us. It will help you re-experience the aloha spirit of our unique villages and islanders in the comfort of your own home. Our occasional e-newsletter lets you know the latest happenings at PCC, and also shares South Pacific cultural insights or perhaps a recipe or a Polynesian health tip or bit of island wisdom. The e-newsletter also includes special offers and discounts available through our online store, Finally, if your email-box is too full, you can unsubscribe or opt-out at any time; but we believe you’ll really enjoy it. ALOHA.