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why us?

The Polynesian Cultural Center is Hawaii’s #1 paid attraction and considered a “must do” for every guest traveling to Hawaii. Situated on the North Shore side of the island of Oahu, the spectacular 42-acre Polynesian Cultural Center is an authentic cultural experience that immerses guests in the traditions, history, and hospitality of the islands of the South Pacific. The Polynesian Cultural Center has been named “Hawaii’s Favorite Visitor Attraction” by the People’s Choice Awards. It is a family friendly attraction featuring 6 authentic island villages and various interactive and exciting exhibits. Guests can also enjoy our award winning Hawaiian luau experience, “Alii Luau” and also witness the spectacular “Ha:Breath of Life” show, the largest Polynesian production in the world.

how does it work?

Every time a visitor referred from your website purchases one of our products you earn a portion of that revenue. Our Affiliate Program is managed through Impact Affiliate and joining is simple and free.

After you sign up through Impact Affiliate and your application is approved, you will be given access to our banners and text links and begin earning money through your referrals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information, contact us at and our dedicated team will assist you.

  • What is the Polynesian Cultural Center Affiliate Program?

    The Polynesian Cultural Center Affiliate Marketing Program is an excellent way to make your website more profitable. When a visitor to your site clicks on the affiliate link to our site and completes a purchase, you get a commission on every qualified sale!

    The Polynesian Cultural Center has partnered with our Affiliate Marketing Provider. Impact provides our affiliates with a simple interface utilizing real time reporting, tracking, prompt monthly payments, and the options of joining other affiliate merchants on the Impact Affiliate network.

  • Why should I join?

    By joining the Polynesian Cultural Center Affiliate Marketing Program you have the potential to earn extra income through your site by earning commissions on our ticket packages featuring award winning amenities such as our Ali’i Luau named Hawaii’s most authentic luau and our critically acclaimed evening show- HA: Breath of Life.

  • How do I join?

    Begin by filling out our Affiliate Application form. Please make sure that you read and agree to the terms of our Affiliate Agreement. Once your application has been submitted, we will review it within 5-7 business days. After your application is approved you’ll receive a welcome email with the necessary links and banners to help you get started.

  • Does it cost anything join?

    No, the Polynesian Cultural Center Affiliate Program is free to join.

  • How are sales tracked from my site?

    A unique affiliate ID will be sent to you along with custom-formatted links that will ensure that traffic referred from your site is accurately tracked.A real time report of your site is available in the Impact Publisher Account Manager which gives you all of the necessary reports and tracking needed to see which of your links are performing the best in order to help optimize your site for maximum commissions.

  • What is a qualified sale?

    A qualified sale is a sales transaction that is completed without being cancelled, declined or returned.

  • What is a locking period?

    It is a limited period of time that grants the Advertiser the right to reverse or adjust the commissions paid to the Publisher due to product returns, duplicate entry or other clear error, non-bona fide transactions, non-receipt of payment from, or refund of payment to, the Visitor by the Advertiser. The Polynesian Cultural Center Affiliate Program enforces a 30-day locking period.

  • How and when do I get paid?

    Impact Affiliate issue payments in the form of direct deposit or paper check on or about the 20th day of each calendar month. Publishers must reach a threshold of $50 for direct deposit and $100 for check before payment is sent.

  • What is your cookie duration?

    Our cookie duration is 30-days. If a customer has clicked on a link on your site and makes a purchase within 30-days of the click, you will be given a commission for that purchase.

  • What resources are available?

    The Polynesian Cultural Center provides all the resources you need to start earning money through your website. Resources available include unique affiliate links, text links, banners, logos, and a dedicated support team.

  • How can I create an affiliate link?

    Affiliate links can be created on the homepage of your Impact portal. When creating your affiliate link select “Polynesian Cultural Center” as the brand and enter a landing page (optional). is the default landing page. If you are promoting a specific package you may want to use a more specific landing page.

  • Where can I find banners?

    All available banners and graphics can be found on your Impact portal under Content, then Assets and then Images. Each banner and graphic are downloadable and come with HTML & IFrame Ad codes and tracking link.

  • What are the top-performing banners?

    Here are 3 of our top-performing banners:

    1. Family - Save10% (300x600)
    2. Canoe - Save10% (728x90)
    3. Alii Luau (300x600)
  • Who can I contact for additional information or support?

    For additional information, contact us at and our dedicated team will assist you.