• Food Allergies

    The Polynesian Cultural Center provides a full menu, including a chart noting gluten, nut-free, dairy-free and vegetarian selections from each of the three (3) dining venues within the Polynesian Cultural Center. Click here to view menus.

    Also available for lunch and dinner is the Pounders restaurant located in the Hukilau Marketplace. Click here for more information.

  • Medical Care

    The Polynesian Cultural Center has a basic first aid station. For assistance, our employees can contact first aid and have them meet you at your location in the Center, or you can call 808-293-3911. We have a rest station next to the first aid office equipped with beds, chairs, and air conditioning for guests who become ill or require privacy. Contact the Customer Service kiosk upon arrival for assistance with medication that requires refrigeration during your visit.

    For urgent medical attention, guests may drive or can be transported to the emergency room of Kahuku Medical Center which is located four (4) miles north of the Polynesian Cultural Center.

  • Accessibility Overview

    The Polynesian Cultural Center strives to provide equal access to all who visit regardless of physical or mental ability. If your question is not answered in this section, please feel free to contact Customer Care at 800-367-7060 or via email at customercare@polynesia.com so that we can address your individual needs.

  • Wheelchair, Scooter, Wagoons & Stroller Rentals

    The Polynesian Cultural Center provide guests with a limited number of wagons, strollers, wheelchairs and scooters, on a first-come-first-served basis, through our onsite partner Hawaii Scooters

    The rental fee for wagons, strollers and wheelchairs is $20.00 per day. Please visit hawaiiscooters.com to reserve a stroller, wagon or wheelchair. Guests with Super Ambassador tickets can show their ticket or QR code, upon return of the rental, to recieve a full refund. Refunds do not apply to scooter rentals.

    Scooters are also available and rented through our partner Hawaii Scooters at a rate of $49.00 plus tax/day. Please visit Hawaiiscooters.com to reserve your scooter(s) today.

  • Personal Wheelchairs & Scooters

    Guests who wish to bring their personal scooter or wheelchair who will be utilizing PCC sponsored transportation and are unable to stand, walk and seat themselves into a standard bus seat must notify the Polynesian Cultural Center within 48 hours in advance of their visit. Proper arrangements can then be made for a lift equipped vehicle which will accommodate the guest’s wheel chair or scooter. Note: Scooter/Wheelchair transportation is only available on full sized bus transports.

  • Wheelchair Accessibility 

    All major areas of the Polynesian Cultural Center — including the villages, dining venues, Hukilau Marketplace, and the Laie Temple Visitors Center tours — are accessible to those in wheelchairs. Wheelchair users planning on watching the scheduled village presentations may want to arrive several minutes early to ensure available seating.

    Guests riding the canoe tours will be asked to transfer to their seat while the wheelchair is folded and placed in the back of the canoe. Electric scooters will be delivered to the opposite canoe landing while the user rides the canoe. Please note that the Polynesian Cultural Center does not provide wheelchair pushing services.

    Wheelchair Accessibility at Dining Venues
    All levels of seating in the dinner venues are wheelchair accessible, but as a courtesy to the wheelchair user, we will typically ask seating preference. Guests using wheelchairs will be invited to transfer to the seats provided, if they choose to do so, or may request to sit in any of our seating locations closer to the buffet lines.

    Wheelchair Accessibility at Hā: Breath of Life
    Guests using wheelchairs while attending our Ha: Breath of Life evening show will either be invited to transfer to their reserved seat if they choose or are capable of doing so, or will be allowed to sit in our wheelchair row which is between the lower and upper sections of the theater. This easy to access location has enough room for the wheelchair user and one other person in their party. The remaining guests in the party will be able to sit in their regularly assigned seats for the duration of the show. Please note that there are steps to all seats in the theater except for the wheelchair row.

  • Parking

    Accessible parking is available near the main entrance to the Center. Guests parking in handicapped-designated parking spaces must have a government issued permit. Handicapped parking stalls are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

    We also offer a complementary shuttle throughout the day to transport guests between the parking lot and the main entrance. Guests who have difficulty walking may also be dropped-off and picked-up at the curb in front of the Hukilau Marketplace.

  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing

    American Sign Language Interpreters
    The Polynesian Cultural Center provides ASL interpreters upon request. Please contact our Guest Services & Reservations department via email or by calling 1-844-572-2347 at least one week in advance. Requests made less than one week prior to the visit will be accommodated to the best of our ability but are subject to interpreter availability.

    Hawaiian Journey Theatre
    The Center offers a 14-minute film titled Hawaiian Journey. Guests will experience astounding images and special effects during this 4-D presentation. Infrared assistive listening headsets and reflective captioning devices are available from the ushers upon request.

    Hā: Breath of Life
    The night show is not interpreted due to the nature of the program. This is for the safety of the interpreter as well as the safety of the dancers. However, the show is highly visual and expressive with little spoken English during the performance. We offer all guests a free Playbill handout that provides a full overview of the show.

  • Blind and Low Vision

    Due to the nature and layout of the Center, we recommend that guests who are blind or have low vision visit with a companion.

    When booking your reservations, our staff can also assist you with seating accommodations for the dinners or shows. You may inform us of your visual access needs and we will accommodate you to the best of our ability. You can also contact Customer-Care Center at 800-367-7060 or via email at customercare@polynesia.com.

  • Intellectual or Cognitive Disabilities

    How to Prepare

    • Purchase your tickets in advance. Buying your tickets online or over the phone may reduce wait time when you first arrive to the Polynesian Cultural Center. You may contact our Reservations department via email or by calling 800-367-7060.
    • View the map and create a schedule. Click here to see the current map of the Center with show times listed for the village presentations. Lay out a plan for your day so that all party members are familiar with the schedule and know what to expect.
    • Bring a favorite activity or toy. Any item that helps to calm the guest with the cognitive disability or relieve stress can be used to ease sensory overload experienced during the daytime activities. These items can also be used to occupy time during periods of waiting.

    During your Visit

    • Take breaks as necessary. The loud noises, strange smells, large crowds, and heat may be over-stimulating to some. There are various areas throughout the Center to sit down and take breaks. Be sure to stay hydrated and rest in the shade as needed.
    • Be prepared for the weather. The weather in Lāʻie can vary from sunny, to humid, to rainy in a short time span. Bring what you feel you will need to be comfortable throughout the day. Items may include: sunscreen, hats, rain ponchos, umbrellas, light jackets, and handheld fans. These items can also be purchased within the Center. Please note that the majority of the Center is outdoors.
    • Choose a meeting location. Pick a place on the map to meet in case your party becomes separated. Be sure the guest with the cognitive disability is aware of the location and show it to them as soon as you arrive in the Center. Have them find an employee to assist them right away. You may also wish to bring an identification bracelet, photograph, or something else to help our employees locate your party member if they go missing.
  • Service Animals

    Service animals are welcome at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Service animals must be under the control of the handler by use of a harness, a leash, or by some other means at all times unless these devices interfere with the animal’s work. The guest is responsible for cleaning any waste and controlling their service animal’s behavior. Service animals may not be left unattended or with a Polynesian Cultural Center employee.
    We appreciate notification so that we may inform our staff to prepare any needed accommodations. Please contact Customer Care at 800-367-7060 or at customercare@polynesia.com.

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