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The ground oven

Ground ovens are traditional throughout the Polynesian Islands. In the early morning hours at the Center a Hawaiian ground oven, or imu, is built and used to dry age and steam a whole roasted pig for 10 hours to ensure the most tender and delicious meat. This practice is common for luaus and has been passed down through the generations. Though it is not without modern influences, the preparation and utilization of the imu is only one of the ways that we honor the long-standing traditions of Polynesian cooking.


Cooking on hot rocks

Creasepaul Tofa, cultural expert from our Samoan village and Executive Chef Felix Tai showcase one of the many ways that the Center uses traditional Polynesian techniques and recipes in innovative ways to bring unique dishes to our Ohana. Our chefs use a hot rock technique to create a delicious meal with fresh Kona Kampachi fish marinated in brown sugar and coconut milk vinaigrette based off a traditional Samoan recipe. This demonstration was made in our Samoan Village which frequently hosts interactive cooking demonstrations.

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Locally sourced organic ingredients maintain freshness and produce a flavor palette that is unique to the surrounding land and sea.

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Nurturing excellence by investing in our Culinary Talent

The Journey to becoming a chef

The Polynesian Cultural Center is a living, breathing, teaching campus. Our chefs are dedicated to the future of their student staff members. One example of this program was the recent promotion of the talented Landon Hullinger to Sous Chef. Hullinger is a great leader, passionate, talented and dedicated to his craft. Under the tutorship of our head chefs, Hullinger has honed his craft and refined his commitment to delivering an excellent culinary experience for our guests. We are honored by the love and dedication that Hullinger and many students like him have for their work. We are ensuring our future by investing in the careful development of our talented students.