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The Best Lūʻau in Oahu

the secrets of our oahu luau

the secrets of our oahu luau

The Kalua Pork, stone-fired and slow roasted. The delicate flavors of the Poi. Sweet pineapple accenting the meal both with its refreshing flavor and colorful displays. These are things you would think make the best lūʻau in Oahu. You’d only be partially correct. While the Polynesian Cultural Center takes great pride in making our lūʻau the most delicious, we also embrace the Hawaiian culture to make it the most authentic.

a little lūʻau history

There was a time in ancient Hawaiian history when men and women weren’t allowed to eat together. They were separated at meal times, and even ate different foods. In fact, many of the people were forbidden to have certain delicacies that we enjoy today. In 1819, that all changed. King Kamehameha II put an end to those practices and had a feast for everyone to enjoy the Pacific’s greatest flavors. Men, women, children, and royalty all dined and celebrated as one — and the lūʻau was born.

ancient culture brought to modern times

As the lūʻau began to grow in both recognition and in size, visitors from all around the world began to flock to be a part of this cultural celebration. The more people came, the more the feast became something even more elaborate, a full-on party with traditional dancing and entertainment. That’s why today’s lūʻau in Oahu is so much more than just the fantastic food, it’s the Hawaiian culture brought to life in every way. That’s why we focus on the details others miss, or may not even think matter. Everything from the type of dancing to the patterns of decorations has significant meaning rooted in history. In order to bring that to life, you must know it, embrace it, and perfect it. Which is exactly what we do in our Ali’i lūʻau. You can see for yourself here.

of course, the food matters, too

While you can clearly see why we bring the authentic traditions of ancient Hawaii to life better than any other Oahu lūʻau, our feasts are just as unrivaled. We slow cook our foods using ancient methods and recipes, ensuring the flavors you taste today are the same as King Kamehameha II did during the very first lūʻau. We have menus that accommodate every palate and every diet. In Hawaii, food is the foundation of every festivity. In fact, the word lūʻau itself comes from one of the favorite dishes from that first feast in 1819 — lu’au, made of taro leaves and chicken steamed in coconut milk. Take a closer look at all the great food our lūʻau offers here.

ready to experience the best lūʻau in oahu?

When it comes to choosing a lūʻau, don’t settle for one that only focuses on part of the celebration. Experience the true Luau and all the rich culture it offers.