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Employment at the Polynesian Cultural Center is directly tied into our mission statement. If you are interested in working at the Center, here is some information you can review before contacting us. If you’re not familiar with it, please review the Polynesian Cultural Center’s mission statement before you apply.

job opening

While we try to keep this list as current as possible, please be aware that changes can occur frequently.

Follow this link to review our current full-time job openings.

Follow this link to review our current part-time job openings.

position requirement

Some may think that due to the close relationship of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Center, one is required to be LDS to become employed. This is definitely not the case, but the Center does have specific standards of conduct and dress and grooming (you will need Adobe Reader to view these files, Click here to download) that are perhaps more stringent than required by other employers. Although many of our employees are members of the LDS Church, it is not a requirement.

To apply for either part-time or full time positions, one of the most essential requirements is the need for an applicant be immediately available for interview by the department that needs the position filled. Therefore, we do not recommend anyone applies for a position unless he/she is currently available to be interviewed on the island of O’ahu.

Other requirements include a written commitment by the applicant to live by specific standards of conduct and dress & grooming referred to above. This commitment must be submitted to the Polynesian Cultural Center in the form of an “Ecclesiastical Leader Endorsement,” or a statement by the applicant’s ecclesiastical leader that the applicant is committed to living by the standards the Polynesian Cultural Center requires. These forms will be made available to applicants during the application process.

Finally, all specific requirements for each open position must be met. Each position is unique so, for example, requirements may range from “the ability to climb coconut trees” to “a master’s degree in sales and marketing.” All requirements are dependent upon the scope of the position and the needs that the department has for those requirements.

position types

The majority of our positions are part-time, and only a few are full-time. We hire hundreds of students from nearby Brigham Young University-Hawai’i, and one of our key purposes is to help these students financially while they attend school. Although all who work at the Center are not students, the majority are, and most positions typically available are for students currently attending BYU-Hawai’i.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on this FAQ link to find a list of frequently asked questions regarding employment at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

For more information about employment, please contact PCC HR (808-293-3190)

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