Dress and Grooming

Dress and Grooming


lmost all PCC employees have some contact with PCC guests and therefore represent the Center through their appearance as well as their actions. A properly attired employee helps create a favorable image for the Center. The PCC has an interest in having all employees properly attired, and therefore has established a personal appearance policy for PCC employees.

  1. Employees shall dress appropriately for the work they are performing at the Center. No employee shall wear dungarees, “grubby” jeans, or tightly fitted slacks. Office employees shall present a business-like appearance.
  2. No employee shall wear a shirt printed with words/slogans/pictures that are contrary to standards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  3. All employees engaged in performing cultural arts, dealing with the public or in sight of the public shall wear authentic costumes or uniforms as provided by their various departments.
  4. Women shall not wear blouses, shirts, or dresses of sheer material or that are tightly fitted.
  5. Women’s blouses or dresses shall have sleeves. If the garment is made with shoulder straps of any width, then a blouse, shirt or sweater shall be worn under the outer garment.
  6. Women’s necklines shall be of modest cut.
    Women’s hemlines of dresses, skirts, shorts and culottes shall be no shorter than the top of the knee while standing.
  7. Men shall not wear tank top shirts (shirts without sleeves).
  8. Male employees, who as a part of their work costume do not wear shirts, shall wear a shirt while coming to work and leaving from work.
  9. The attire of both men and women should always be neat and clean. Dress or manner that calls attention to itself and/or symbolizes non-conformity to the value of modesty, decency, and propriety shall be avoided. Radical departures from conventional dress or personal grooming shall not be permitted.
  10. Employees who report to work improperly dressed or groomed, shall be asked to leave and may not return until properly attired and groomed. The employee shall not be compensated during the time away from work to change.

Hair Styles and Beards

  1. Extreme hairstyles or coloring are unacceptable.
  2. Men’s hair shall be clean, neat, and trimmed, and must be styled so that it does not cover the ears and must be cut so as to be above the collar in the back. Long or bushy sideburns are not acceptable and should not extend below the bottom of the ear. Ponytails and shaved heads are not acceptable.
  3. Men’s facial hair including beards and goatees are not acceptable. Mustaches are not encouraged, but if worn should not extend beyond the corners of the mouth, and not below the upper lip.
  4. Women’s hair should be clean, combed and neatly arranged at all times.
  5. Men’s Earrings and/or Jewelry. Men shall not wear earrings or excessive jewelry unless they are required as part of a cultural costume.
  6. Women’s Earrings and/or Jewelry. Women shall not wear more than one earring per ear. Earrings worn on any other part of the body (eyebrow, nose, naval, etc.) are not permitted.
  7. Fingernails. Women’s fingernails shall be a reasonable length and may be painted in normal colors. Extreme colors (black, florescent, stripped, etc.) are not permitted. Men are not to have long fingernails and should not wear nail polish.
  8. Tattoos. New tattoos are not acceptable. Acceptability of tattoos will be determined by each department and if unacceptable may be a cause for termination.