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Islands of Aotearoa

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Islands of Aotearoa


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Come listen to Maori natives explain the symbolic significance of their intricately carved meeting house and their unusual facial tattoos. You’ll discover the ancient origins and meaning of protruding their tongues, and you’ll see tattooed warriors perform their stirring war dance – the haka.

Test your dexterity (or lack thereof) by twirling poi balls and playing tititorea, a Maori stick game designed to develop hand-eye coordination. Kids of all ages will also enjoy the ta moko area where each can get a Maori tattoo – temporary, of course.


Island activities

Maori Poi Twirling

Test your strength, flexibility, and coordination. The intricate movements allowed women to keep their hands flexible for weaving (really?) and helped the men with their strength and coordination.


Wood & Tiki Carving

The carving house in our Maori village displays the various intricate carving styles found throughout Polynesia. Here you can observe the ancient techniques of Polynesian carving as you watch our skilled artisans create keepsake pieces from various types of indigenous wood.