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Islands of Hawaiʻi

Islands of Hawaiʻi

Islands of Hawaiʻi

He la nani keia la (today is a beautiful day)

Hawaii speaks in rhythms: The strumming of a ʻukulele, the pounding of poi, the movement of a grass skirt. The warmth you feel in your heart as you visit our beautiful island home is what we call aloha.

Cultural Presentations:  20-minute presentations offered throughout the day

what you’ll experience:

In the Hawaiian Village, you can experience our culture through site, sound, smell and touch. Talented villagers share the beauty of the islands through dance and song while hula lessons are provided throughout the day under a magnificent shade tree. Next, try your hand at our ancient Hawaiian games. Demonstrations are also interactive as you taste freshly prepared poi, and discover the art of lauhala weaving. Even the village itself is a testament to Hawaiian ingenuity as you witness how the sky, land and sea work in harmony.

talk to a villager

The Polynesian Cultural Center is proud to share the culture and spirit of our host nation, Hawaiʻi with the world. Our villagers are honored to answer questions and share their rich background. Come, sit down and “talk story” with us!