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Islands of Tonga

Islands of Tonga

Islands of Tonga

Oua lau e kafo kae lau e lava (Stay positive and count your blessings).

Come visit a village filled with kindness, hospitality and laughter. In Tonga, every day is a happy occasion.

Cultural Presentations: 20-minute presentations offered throughout the day

what you’ll experience

The Tongan presentation really gets the crowd clapping while roars of laughter fill the air. Are you ready to have some fun? Learn how to dance sitting down, enjoy some foot-stomping island music and watch audience volunteers morph in to mighty drummers during the lively cultural performance held throughout the day. You can also paddle a native-style outrigger canoe like the islanders used centuries ago, play the Tongan shuffleboard game called lafo and test your skills throwing spears.  It’s all about the details in Tonga. Want to feel what it’s like to be royal? The Queens Summer House showcases the best of the best! In fact, from beautiful handmade tapa mats, to the geometric lashing of support beams in our meeting house and even to our trees and posts draped with cheerful flowers….its’ all meant to welcome you, our honored guests.

talk to a villager

Feel the warmth of hello in our Tongan village, where the villagers welcome you with open arms. You’ll feel just like family, because as far as they are concerned, you are!