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Islands of Samoa

Islands of Samoa

Islands of Samoa

“O le ala I le pule o le tautua” (the path to authority and leadership is through service)

The people of Samoa know how to have fun, in fact, their sense of humor is well known throughout Polynesia. But the root of that wit is based on love, respect, and generosity.

Cultural Presentation:  20-minute presentations offered throughout the day

what you’ll experience

If you like to laugh – a lot – come see one of the Center’s most popular cultural presentations where you will learn how to crack open a coconut using a small rock, marvel as our strong young men climb 40-foot coconut trees in their bare feet and see what happens when you combine fire and sharp weapons. Speaking of fire, can you start one with two sticks? In Samoa, yes you can! You can also learn how to twirl a fire knife, weave a fish and cook bananas. As you stroll through our village, take a moment to notice how the unusual domed shaped buildings are constructed without nails and how they create their own natural air conditioning.

 talk to a villager

The Samoans are known as ‘the happy people’, so pull up a log and have some laughs with our villagers. Come on, get happy!