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Islands of Fiji

Islands of Fiji

Islands of Fiji

Na bula e vaka oqo – So na gauna draki vinaka, so na gauna draki ca” (life is like this – Sometimes sun, sometimes rain)

The Fijian culture is a unique combination of amusement, sincerity and etiquette where formality begins with the language and villagers are all considered family.

Cultural Presentations:  20-minute presentations offered throughout the day

what you’ll experience

Feel the power as Fijian warriors give you an enthusiastic welcome while the women entertain with traditional dance. Then get your Fijian groove on pounding a derua (bamboo stick.)  You can also learn how to be a time traveler in Fiji by stepping from here to there! Confused? It will all make sense in the Fijian Village where you can learn how to make coconut oil, get a tattoo (temporary style, of course) and gaze up, up, up at the awe inspiring 6 story temple. While you’re there, make sure to locate the chief’s home. Just be careful. Entering the wrong door can become an international incident!

talk to a villager

Don’t worry – the Fijians aren’t all fight. In fact, they are a warm and caring people with some exciting tales to share. There’s lots to learn, and lots to share in Fiji!