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Islands of Tahiti

Islands of Tahiti

Islands of Tahiti

Te ora o te aiʻa is te ora of te nunaʻa (The life of the land is the life of the people).

Love is in the air in Tahiti. It’s reflected in the beautiful faces of the villagers, their lilting voices and the mesmerizing moves of the Ori Tahiti, a dance famous for its speed and agility.

Cultural Presentation: 20-minute presentations offered throughout the day

what you’ll experience

The Tahitians really know how to swing their hips, not to mention their knees. See for yourself. In the process, they’ll get you shaking and shimmying yourself. And don’t miss the special wedding ceremony, where you will discover romance with an island beat! You can also sample a delightful bite of melt-in-your-mouth coconut bread, try your hand at pole fishing from our little pier and practice throwing a spear at a coconut.  Learn about underwater Tahitian pearl farms, full body tattoos and Tahitian royalty. Then visit the marae (Tahitian temple), a holy place where walls don’t exist, but devotion abounds.

talk to a villager

Discover a people dedicated to love. Our villagers are delighted to share the beauty of their culture with you, all with that gorgeous French accent.