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Islands of Fiji

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Islands of Fiji


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Even before you enter our Fijiian village, you may hear the beat of the lali, an ancient style of log drum.  Take a moment to learn of its cultural significance. You can even give it a try, unless you’re too busy checking out the wide array of devastating clubs and weapons native to the Fijiian culture. Beware, you’ll discover some mean-looking military hardware. After all, the Fijiians took war very seriously.


Villagers will help you understand what the cowry shells on a structure’s roof really mean, and who can enter such a building. Here’s a clue – your leadership abilities may be the key. Explore the six-story high Fijiian temple – just make sure you enter through the correct door, or else – well let’s just say you may be meeting an untimely end! The family structure is the blueprint for the village, where an old folk’s home serves more as a school house than a rest area.