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Islands of Samoa

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Islands of Samoa


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If you like to smile, even laugh – a lot – come see one of the Center’s most popular cultural demonstrations. Learn how to make fire by rubbing two sticks together, how to easily crack open a coconut using a rock, how to create coconut “milk” with your bare hands, and how the Samoans prepare their food meals (hint: it’s a man’s duty). Above all, make sure you stop by to watch our strong young men climb 40-foot coconut trees – in their bare feet.


See the unusual dome shaped living quarters, work centers and the high chief’s home, all built without nails. And then, get a taste of real Samoan food, prepared throughout the day. Matter of fact, you can help us prepare it.


Island activities

Fire Making

Our Samoan villagers make starting a fire look easy and effortless. Actuallly takes a lot of muscle, practice and skill. Test your skills at starting your own fire by rubbing two sticks together. Here’s a hint, you must use two pieces of wood from the same tree.


Samoan Cooking

Learn to cook the Samoan way, using sticks, stones, leaves, husks, coconut milk, taro, fish, plenty of patience, and – don’t tell mom – your fingers. Come early in the afternoon and help prepare the unusual entrees. Then return several hours later to sample the delectable results of your effort.