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Islands of Tahiti

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Islands of Tahiti


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The Tahitians really know how to swing their hips, not to mention their knees. See for yourself. Come enjoy an in-depth demonstration of both the women’s and men’s movements in their mesmerizing dances. In the process, they’ll get you shaking and shimmying yourself. And just try to stop your toes from tapping to the beat of the accompanying wooden to’ere drums.


Learn why the Tahitians make both fragrant flower and beautiful shell leis. Then, if you want to sample a gourmet delight, stop by the cooking hut for melt-in-your-mouth, Tahitian coconut bread. Let your kids try pole fishing from our little pier. Or, come attend a traditional Tahitian wedding.


Island activities

Tahitian Spear Throwing

If you like to throw things, we have a long, sharp stick ready for you – also known as a spear. Our Tahitian villagers will teach you how to hit a coconut perched atop a tall pole 20 feet away. Good luck. Technique trumps might.


Cooking Demonstrations

Eating is a favorite pastime of the Polynesian peoples. But to eat, you must cook. Several of the Center’s villages allow you to glimpse, or participate in, the food preparation process. Tasty coconut bread is baked the island way in the village of Tahiti. A full meal is demonstrated in the village of Samoa.