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Islands of Tonga

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Islands of Tonga


12:30-2:00(Tapa) · 3:05 · 4:00 · 4:30


There’s no such thing as a “little drummer boy,” or a little drum, in Tonga. The popular Tongan presentation introduces you to Tongan ta nafa or drumming. With any luck, you’ll be called on stage to demonstrate your sense of rhythm on the oversized native drums. At the same time, you’ll learn the simple yet graceful motions of a mauluulu sitting dance, as well as the difference between clapping with a pasi or a fu sound. Sound complicated? It’s actually fun. A whole lot of fun.


Another visitor favorite? The Tongan shuffleboard game, called lafo. Can you beat the villagers? Do pigs fly? Afterwards, try your accuracy with tolo, underhanded spear throwing.


Island activities

Canoe Paddling

Hop into a native-style outrigger canoe like the islanders used centuries ago and paddle around our tropical lagoon. Race against family and friends, but watch out for the ducks!